Web Sites for Businesses

MentalNexus, LLC creates web-based projects that help businesses operate. 

This particular project:

Manages Clients

  • Easy & Intelligent input of contact and demographic information
  • Connection of the client to up and downstream resources
  • Connection of client to processes which allow for upselling

Tracks Resources

  • Auto-Imports resources data from multiple location
  • Tracks resource availability and “best-case” scenarios
  • Highlights resource connection to clients (referrals)

Manages Billing

  • Connects clients with required billing
  • Integrates various pricing strategies
  • Uses several automatic assistants, such as a phone-bill reviewer, to find “missing” revenue


  • Interactive Data Graphs
  • Extra Notes can be input for everything
  • Deep searching of the database
  • File Uploads
  • Prints specially formatted envelopes
  • Auto-Generates Forms for clients to sign
  • Easily set Reminders, ie: Contact Referral or Client at a specific time in the future



PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL Database Design, Logo Design, Product Photography, Work & Process Flow Analysis, Business Model Analysis


System Administrator, Bi Weekly Local Data Backups with Bi Monthly Off-Site Backups, 24-7 Phone Support, Priority Bug Fixing, Reduced Cost Upgrades, On Site Worker Training